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Pay per click marketing or PPC marketing is one of the most quickest and effective means to improve your website’s status in the search engines and bring additional traffic to it. It is widely used by companies who are looking for fast promotional results but also at the same time wants to do so within a strictly regulated budget. 4Horsemen SEO India is one of the pioneering companies in India when it comes to PPC advertising, and as our experts have helped numerous clients in the past enhance their market potential with effectively designed PPC advertising strategy.

Over the last few years, PPC (Pay per click) marketing has really taken on new heights as its now forms an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. 4Horsemen SEO India have worked with some of the best business firms inside and outside India offering them high quality PPC services (Pay per click) and this has eventually helped us to sharpen our PPC (Pay per click) marketing skills.

At 4Horsemen SEO India, we present our clients with a comprehensive PPC (Pay per click) package that includes the following services:

PPC Strategy

4Horsemen SEO India, expert first develop an intimate knowledge about your business, competitors and industry parameters and based on that we come up with a PPC (Pay per click) strategy that is fit for your needs. With our PPC (Pay per click) strategy, you can expect enhanced traffic within a short period of time.

PPC Implementation

4Horsemen SEO India, will implement our PPC (Pay per click) strategy for your business by building on your current campaigns or by establishing accounts at various new networks if you want us to do so. It is necessary for us that you are the owner of these accounts and also that you have a tie-up with these network owners.

PPC Keywords

4Horsemen SEO India, team will make sure that your PPC (Pay per click) campaigns make use of all the important keywords that are relevant to your business. By making use of sophisticated techniques, we make sure that you cover the entire search landscape but stay away from the areas that are not appropriate for your business.

Adcopy Writing

4Horsemen SEO India make sure that your advertisements are compact and in line with all the relevant keywords and that they coincide well with the landing pages of your website. Your adcopy will also carry a strong message of action and by carrying out continuous tests we will make sure that your company achieves the maximum traffic at the lowest expenditure.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have nowadays become an integral part of PPC (Pay per click) campaigns. They help to transform your adtext and make your brand stand out among your competitors.

PPC Tracking

It will be very difficult to optimize a PPC (Pay per click) campaign without the right kind of data. Hence one of the first things that we do is set up the PPC (Pay per click) tracking mechanism properly. This gives us the data that we need to optimize your accounts as we go forward.

PPC Optimization

PPC (Pay per click) optimization will help you to increase the quality of your PPC (Pay per click) campaigns so that they can provide you with better performance.

PPC Reporting

With our PPC (Pay per click) reporting, you can get constant evaluations on how your PPC (Pay per click) campaign is doing and whether any changes are needed to be made.

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