Link Biulding & Video Promotion

At 4HorsemenSEO, we provide a range of digital marketing solutions to our clients. Among these, our link and video promotion services deserve special mention. Our link and video promotion services are customized to meet individual requirements of our clients. Read on to find out more about the link and video promotion services that we offer and what can they do for you.

Link Promotion

Link promotion is an essential part of marketing your brand name. Whether you are a startup business looking to make it big in the online world or a company that has already established itself, you are going to need top quality back links that will help you to have better ranking in the search engines for all of your targeted keywords. We at 4HorsemenSEO have years of experience in high quality natural link building, and we can present you with different types of link promotion services that can suit your business requirements.

Our link promotion services include the following:

Link Development Strategies:

We help our customers to come up with a fully customized link development strategy that will present you with a comprehensive method to build links for your site. We will present you with content suggestions, examples that show you how to pitch your links, how to come up with solid content and back it up with effective links, PR opportunities, total back link analysis, profile suggestions and directory suggestions.

Monthly link building:

Every month, we will deliver you highly efficient natural links for your website. This will be further backed up by content creation, articles, guest posts, linkbait, social profile optimization, directory submissions, strategic partnerships as well as traditional PR services.

Link evaluation or link audit:

We also carry out link audits to check whether the links that you have are healthy or not. By detecting unhealthy links in time, we help in preventing potential risks that might undermine the value of your site. Using our link audit services allows you to come up with a better link building strategy that in turn can promote your website in a more effective manner.

Video Promotion

Video marketing is one of the most potent tools that are used in the sphere of digital media marketing nowadays. Our high quality internet video marketing expertise allows companies to produce, upload and optimize videos and promote their brands more efficiently. Video marketing can make it easier for you to communicate your business message to your target consumers on multiple levels. By making use of different tools like video, imagery, text and the spoken word, you can reach out to a wider audience with a very short period of time and only at a meager expense.

Our video marketing team has worked with businesses that belong to different industrial sectors, and so they are very well versed about the ways in which video as a medium can be used to improve the prospects of a company. We can optimize a video with your targeted keywords so that it gets the maximum views. We can also post your videos on sites like YouTube and Vimeo and make sure that they are searched and shared by more number of people.

Local SEO Optimisation

For every brand, the local audiences are most important in every aspect. Every company wishes to reach out to their target customers in the local areas; so that they can build the brand awareness in the customers. No matter whether it is a multi-national brand or a regional business organisation, creating awareness among the people in regional areas is something that everybody strives hard for. But how will you be able to reach out to the customers in your locality more efficiently? Well, the answer is simple; with local SEO. Yes! Local SEO helps you to target the customers based on specific cities or states; so that when they search up for certain services or products in the search engine; the name of your business comes first.

What is local SEO anyway? Actually, local SEO is the technique that can be used to market your business in this vast realm of World Wide Web with much more effectiveness. Local SEO helps you to promote your business to the customers searching for certain services or products in their locality. With this technique, you will be able to reach out to your customers in real time without any hassle.

Every brand or business wants to cater to the requirements of the local populace. And with this technique, you will be able to do it. With the change in the structure of Google SERP, local SEO has gained much more importance among the business owners. So, it is absolutely the high time to take your business within the reach of the target customers of your locality.

At 4Horsemen SEO India, we are dedicated to meeting all your requirements regarding the local search engine optimisation services. We optimise the pages of your website in such a way that it shows at the top of the region specific search results. So, you will never have to worry about anything.

We live in an ever developing digitalised world where technological advancements take place every minute. So, it is important that you also upgrade your business strategies along with these changing times. Come join us at 4Horsemen SEO India; let us ensure a robust local SEO for your website to assist you to climb the stairs of success efficiently.


SEO Training India

4Horsemen SEO India provide affordable SEO Training in Bhopal with the objective of making people acquaint of basic and advanced Search Engine Optimization skills. We are having some of the best industry trainers with more than 10 years’ experience in the SEO industry as SEO experts and SEO trainers. If you want to build your career in the field of search engine optimization then you have to enroll for this short term and long term SEO training course in Bhopal.


We provide both classroom and online training keeping in mind the needs of the candidates. One of the key highlights of our training program is that we provide both theoretical and practical training based on the important topics and subjects. Our trainers will cover every topic in detail and provide practical solution, so that you could better understand any topic. Search Engine Optimization is an uncertain field with no set of rules and fixed strategies; in fact sometimes you have to discover your own strategy to do better in the search engine optimization. We will teach you most profound and trusted SEO tactics and strategies that are well tested by us over the time and help you to get the best results in SEO.


Whether you want to do SEO of your own website or for your client website, you should be fully aware of the latest SEO tools and trends. In our SEO training in Bhopal, we will train you with the most determining Search Engine Optimization rankings factors. We also provide every candidate an opportunity to work on various free and paid SEO and SMO tools, so that every candidate should become more professional in their SEO skills and able to work on big projects. All our SEO training modules are as per the industry standards and job oriented.


SEO Services

As a leading & best Search Engine Optimization firm in India, we at 4Horsemen SEO India present our clients with best & high quality search engine optimization expertise at cost effective rates. Ever since our initial foray into SEO industry, we have maintained a consistency when it comes to our quality and this has secured our position as amongst the best SEO companies in India. Although entrepreneurs nowadays make use of a wide range of techniques to bring more traffic to their sites, such as pay per click and social media optimization, we make sure that the basic parameters of optimization for the search engines is always maintained. Our SEO India experts can always provide you with full range of services in regards to search engine optimization and whether you are looking for on-page or off-page optimization, at 4Horsemen SEO India, we present you with best SEO services in India that are in line with the global SEO standards.


We intend to bring your brand website the best rankings on the search pages of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, while we do that we also make it a point to only present you with best & ethical SEO practices that are totally approved by the various search engines. These SEO techniques, known as White Hat SEO can always bring you the best results without compromising your position with the search engine regulators. Although implementing Black Hat SEO practices can surely get you the success that you are looking for, you can be certain that such success will be temporary and as soon as such unfair practices are detected by Google or other search engines, it can result in permanent shutdown of your site. Moreover, it can also give your company a serious bad press which won’t be good for your business. Our experienced team of SEO India professionals can not only present you with the best SEO services for the betterment of your site but they can also assist you in every step of the way to plan, develop and manage your website’s content with the sole aim of improving your site’s overall quality.


At 4Horsemen SEO India, we present our clients with the following SEO services:


On-page SEO Service

  • HTML Tags fixes:
  • Heading tags
  • Anchor title tags
  • Image alt tags
  • Strong tags
  • Broken Link Fixes
  • Fixes for HTML and CSS errors
  • Fixes for website performance
  • Robots.txt and Sitemap generation
  • Description and meta title setup for all the pages
  • Developing SEO-friendly URLs and implementing URL Structure fixes
  • Website Content Creation with the implementation of relevant keywords
  • Setup URL that redirects from the old site pages to corresponding new site pages
  • Blog setup and creation and distribution of content (manual or auto post to various social media platforms)


Off-page SEO Service

  • Business Listing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Media Profiles Setup
  • Local Listings in Google Places
  • Creation and Submission of Articles
  • Submission of infographics on image sites
  • Creation of back links by using ethical techniques
  • Setting up of YouTube channel and uploading product/demo videos
  • Social Media Profile Page Management for FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+


Monthly Reports

  • Detailed Off-page activity Report.
  • Search Engine Ranking Report
  • Detailed Google Analytics Traffic Report

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Website Development

One of the first things any visitor in your site will take notice of is how it looks. The appearance of a website is a critical part of the success of any business, as without it being really attractive people won’t look up and notice what a company has to offer. Even if your company has some of the best products and services in the market, you still need to present them to your potential customers in an aesthetically appealing way so that they can get interested and decide to purchase them.

At 4Horsemen SEO India, we work with a team of experienced website designing experts who can present you with comprehensive design solutions on all kinds of sites. Our web designing services not only provides you with a good looking brand site but it also helps you to create a positive market impression which in turn can help you to boost your business. All of our web designing services are customized according to the needs of our clients. We also excel in responsive web design, which have become more important in the recent years due to the greater usage of smartphones, iPads and computing devices other than the standard desktop and laptop devices.

Our web designing approach helps to make sure that your website perfectly embodies the core values of your brand and communicates your brand’s message to your audience in the right manner. While we can always adapt the currently existing materials in your site and remodel those to ensure a consistent brand development experience, we can also redefine the entire look of your website and present you with a completely new visual appearance that will help you to influence your target audience in a unique manner.

At 4Horsemen SEO India, we present our clients with the following types of web design services:

Static Websites

Static websites serve as the ideal platforms to convey your message in a simple yet effective manner. These websites can be created and set up very quickly and they hardly require any maintenance. These sites are also quite easy to optimize for the search engines. They are perfect for businesses, individuals or companies that do not require updating or changing the content of their sites on a regular basis.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites, on the other hand, are those whose content is changed quite frequently. While static websites can display the same message for different customers, the dynamic websites can display different content for each and every separate customer. These websites can be easily used for recruitment, product catalogues, message boards and property portfolios. The best part of these websites is that they can display customized information at all times.

Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites or online stores are specially developed websites that have quite unique requirements. We develop different types of web-based ecommerce applications which make it possible for online stores to present information about existing business processes, sales tools and customer/product data available to customers on the internet in real time. These include online banking, online auctions, travel services, real estate sites, health information, stock portfolios, online shops, and payment services.

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PPC Services

Pay per click marketing or PPC marketing is one of the most quickest and effective means to improve your website’s status in the search engines and bring additional traffic to it. It is widely used by companies who are looking for fast promotional results but also at the same time wants to do so within a strictly regulated budget. 4Horsemen SEO India is one of the pioneering companies in India when it comes to PPC advertising, and as our experts have helped numerous clients in the past enhance their market potential with effectively designed PPC advertising strategy.

Over the last few years, PPC (Pay per click) marketing has really taken on new heights as its now forms an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. 4Horsemen SEO India have worked with some of the best business firms inside and outside India offering them high quality PPC services (Pay per click) and this has eventually helped us to sharpen our PPC (Pay per click) marketing skills.

At 4Horsemen SEO India, we present our clients with a comprehensive PPC (Pay per click) package that includes the following services:

PPC Strategy

4Horsemen SEO India, expert first develop an intimate knowledge about your business, competitors and industry parameters and based on that we come up with a PPC (Pay per click) strategy that is fit for your needs. With our PPC (Pay per click) strategy, you can expect enhanced traffic within a short period of time.

PPC Implementation

4Horsemen SEO India, will implement our PPC (Pay per click) strategy for your business by building on your current campaigns or by establishing accounts at various new networks if you want us to do so. It is necessary for us that you are the owner of these accounts and also that you have a tie-up with these network owners.

PPC Keywords

4Horsemen SEO India, team will make sure that your PPC (Pay per click) campaigns make use of all the important keywords that are relevant to your business. By making use of sophisticated techniques, we make sure that you cover the entire search landscape but stay away from the areas that are not appropriate for your business.

Adcopy Writing

4Horsemen SEO India make sure that your advertisements are compact and in line with all the relevant keywords and that they coincide well with the landing pages of your website. Your adcopy will also carry a strong message of action and by carrying out continuous tests we will make sure that your company achieves the maximum traffic at the lowest expenditure.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have nowadays become an integral part of PPC (Pay per click) campaigns. They help to transform your adtext and make your brand stand out among your competitors.

PPC Tracking

It will be very difficult to optimize a PPC (Pay per click) campaign without the right kind of data. Hence one of the first things that we do is set up the PPC (Pay per click) tracking mechanism properly. This gives us the data that we need to optimize your accounts as we go forward.

PPC Optimization

PPC (Pay per click) optimization will help you to increase the quality of your PPC (Pay per click) campaigns so that they can provide you with better performance.

PPC Reporting

With our PPC (Pay per click) reporting, you can get constant evaluations on how your PPC (Pay per click) campaign is doing and whether any changes are needed to be made.

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Branding Services

4HorsemenSEO presents top notch social media optimization services in India, with the sole aim of creating a positive brand image for clients and thereby helping them to secure their position in a competitive online business environment. We have some of the leading search engines optimisation India experts & social media experts working with us who can present you innovative social media optimization solutions at the most decent prices. All of our social media optimization services are tailored according to the specific needs and requirements of our clients. We make sure that your social media profiles are designed in a way that is in keeping with your industry requirements but also at the same time portray your business brand in a distinct way in front of your target consumers.

With the advent of social media sites, business firms are now using a great part of their resources to develop and maintain their social media profile pages and augment their market position in the process. Social media sites allow companies to create a more direct connection to their customers. It allows customers to know the personal side of a company which at one point of time was completely behind the impression of the outer brand image. Such a direct connection allow business firms to develop confidence among their customers who can then feel secure about buying the products and goods that the company has to offer.

Social media optimization India experts can also help you to let your customers know about any latest product or service offerings or what they can expect from you in the coming months or years. One of the best aspects of using our social media optimization service for brand promotion is that it allows you to always stay in the news and in the minds of your consumers. While there was a time when such a thing was next to impossible, you can now always be in touch with your consumers and influence their decisions in real time. Our Social media optimization service is an affordable way to get the maximum publicity, and can achieve more positive results for you than a 2-minute TV advertisement.

Here at 4HorsemenSEO India, we present our clients with the following services pertaining to social media optimization:

Developing a social media marketing strategy – Before you can make use social media sites to improve your business prospects, you need to have a set of clear goals as to what you want to achieve by using your social media profiles. We can help you to come up with a social media strategy that can augment your business interests in the best possible way.

Recommend you ideal software solutions – There are literally thousands of software components that are used for social media optimization. Our social media optimization experts help you to find the right kind of software tools that will help you to track performance, increase business opportunities, manage complex tasks in real time and perform a host of other activities.

Social media audit – Our social media optimization experts based in India carry out an in-depth survey of your website’s performance across different social networking sites and then recommend you ways in which you can improve it.

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Online Reputation Management

When it comes to your online business, reputation plays a very important role in bringing you the success that you truly deserve. After all the effort and hard work that you have put into your company in making it a major brand name, it can seriously hurt when you see a faltering market reputation is making you lose your business prospects. For this reason, we at 4Horsemen SEO India provide our clients with top notch reputation management services that protect their market image and reputation from getting tarnished by a number of factors.

Business is a competitive world and so in order to have a better edge over competitors; many businesses put active efforts in ruining other company’s market image. If you think that your company and its business are suffering from bad press, then it is high time that you stand up and do something about it. There are a number of people online who actively care about your online reputation and will carry out detailed research work to know more about your company. These include marketers, journalists, consumers, business partners, investors and stock holders. If you are having a negative or not-so-good online reputation, it can make a potential customer leave your website and go for a competitor’s website. Sometimes the effects are more intense, and you may actually face a serious boycott of your services and products from various sectors.

So if you are currently facing with serious reputation problems, then our reputation management services can help you to get rid of them with ease. At 4Horsemen SEO India, we make use of a range of techniques to ascertain the problem areas that are needed to be attended and then we come up with innovative solutions that can not only bring you back your former glory but also make sure that you can develop solid confidence about your brand among your target consumers. Our online reputation management consultants can provide you with the tools that you require to spot the various issues that have cropped up within the search engines and then get them removed at the earliest opportunity. We can also provide you with a reputation management software program that will allow you to monitor your online reputation in real time.

At 4Horsemen SEO India, our reputation management expertise includes the following services:

Strategy development

If you are having an online reputation problem, then you need to come up with a strategy that can best deal with it and get the issue fixed. We can help you to develop custom strategies to deal with sneaky competitors, dissatisfied employees or other serious customer service issues. Our services are discreet and highly effective as we do all of our reputation management work internally. We carry out individual audits of your site and then deal with each and every problem area separately.

Software recommendations

We can present you with software solutions that can help you to manage your reputation online. Just like with SEO (search engine optimization), there are different types of software units made for reputation management and we can recommend a program for you that fits with your technical and budget parameters.

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Content Strategy

No matter what the nature of your business is, content writing plays an important role in making your site a success. How you plan your content determines your ranking on the search engine result pages and also creates your brand image in the minds of your target consumers. It tells your site visitors who you really are, and with good content you can encourage them to spend greater amount of time in your site, explore what you have to offer and see how your company is better than thousands of others within your niche market. The strength of your website’s content will play a major role in determining the over rate of traffic in your site. Good content writing can help you to bring in more visitors to your site and increase the number of potential customers.

Nevertheless, you will still need to know how to use content strategy to your advantage. Content can come in a myriad of styles and types, and certain forms of content are more suited for a specific purpose than others. At 4Horsemen SEO India, we educate you on the different styles of content that you can use in your website or other sites to promote your business and how each of them can produce very different results when used in different ways. By getting to know the strengths as well as the limitations for these content types, you can decide what is best for you. For example, blog posts are perfect for inviting a conversation on a given topic or generating controversy. However, if you are looking to establish your website as a major resource for a particular subject matter, then you need to make use of a well written authoritative article.

Here at 4Horsemen SEO India, we can present you with top quality content that is in line with your business goals. Just let us know about the objectives that you want to achieve, and we will come up with a content strategy that is absolutely fit for it. Check out the various content creation services that we have to offer you.

Blog posts

Blog posts are unique pieces of content that is written for engaging the reader, attract links as well as encourage others to come and interact with your brand or official website. 4Horsemen SEO India, can present you with professional blogging services that involves regular posting of blogs that are relevant to your business.


Articles are written to present comprehensive information about a given topic. If your readers want to have in-depth knowledge about something, then they would be looking for articles for that topic. Our article writing services can fetch you greater number of links and create a loyal base of users.

Optimized press releases

Optimized press releases can bring in maximum visibility in the search engines and get you the attention that you are looking for from a definite industry resource.


Linkbait is a special form of content that is written for bringing links to your brand website. Different types of content can be used for this purpose.

For more information on our Content writing services, contact 4Horsemen SEO India at


Logo Desiging

To make sure that your business becomes a household name, you need to come up with a logo design that is instantly recognized with you and your brand. An attractive corporate logo can not only give your business an identity of its own but it can also convey the message that sums up your business. In fact, logo designing forms the first step of creating a strong and unique brand identity that will come to symbolize and represent your company for many years to come. At 4Horsemen SEO India, we clearly understand how a well designed logo can be fundamental to the success of your company and so we make sure that our team of experienced designers can create the perfect logo for your brand.

Whether you are small business, a startup enterprise or an established multinational corporate brand, logo designing is something that you should invest in generously. Without a company logo to symbolize your products and services, you can never expect to build brand awareness among your target customers. Here at 4Horsemen SEO India, our goal is to make sure that you receive the best customized logo designing services at pocket friendly rates.

4Horsemen SEO India will provide you with a logo that is in tune with your business ideas and help you to project the ideal image about you and what your brand has to offer. Not only our logo design will be eye catching, but we will also make sure that it is unique and one of a kind.

Distinct features of 4Horsemen SEO India logo designing services:

  • Fast turnaround time;
  • High quality of design;
  • Logo formats available for both web and print media use;
  • 100% custom design without the use of any template logo or clipart logo;
  • A team of highly gifted and creative logo designers will work with you to produce the best results


Logo formats


You can get logo designs in the following formats:


EPS format

By using this format, you can easily resize you logo design without giving up on quality. It will be made available as a vector image. You can use this file to make any additional changes that you want with your logo in the future.

You can use the EPS format in the following cases:

  • Ads
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Signs and Billboards
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Embroidered and Silk screen
  • Stationery and Business cards
  • Direct marketing and Postcards
  • Certain Microsoft Office Programs


GIF and JPG Formats

If you are looking to use this logo design for the web, then the JPG format would be best suited for that purpose. The overall resolution for the JPG image will be lower than the EPS format. The clarity and the design details of the image are going to be lost if you enlarge this JPG image, which is why it is not a good format for printing. You can also get logos in GIF format from us which is also perfect for being used in the web.

You can use these formats for the following applications:

  • Website
  • Email marketing
  • Email signature
  • Internet Marketing
  • Certain Microsoft Office Programs

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