What Is The Difference Between Mobile Friendly And A Responsive Web Design?

Difference Between Mobile Friendly And A Responsive Web Design?

There are many people who are having their own website still don’t yet understand the importance of the responsive web design. There are also some people who usually believe that mobile friendly website design is just enough for their business, but this is not true really. There are several things that makes a website responsive and not just mobile friendly. If you really want to grow higher your business then you need to reach to your audience in best possible way you could. The mobile friendly websites are now obsolete and taken over by the responsive web design.

The old school mobile friendly designs no more works today, because people are now using different gadgets and smart phones for web browsing and therefore a simple mobile friendly old school website may not work for every mobile device. On the other hand, the responsive website design is something that is more smart and intelligent and could be well fit for any type of mobile phones or tablets. The responsive website design has the capability to automatically adjust the height and width according to the device without affecting the CSS files.  That means users would be able to see the right functionality and feel even in the mobile devices just like what they usually see in the desktop.

Get more a dynamic elements and menu structure in responsive web design

When users access any website in a mobile device, usually the menu structure and the design of the website changes automatically. Sometimes, the design elements could not be fully fledged used as they were in the desktop website because of the various CSS and Java script files. The responsive website design have those in build elements that can easily compress most of the java script and CSS files to their minimum and thus keeping the theme and functionality of the website same as in the desktop. Now, when talking about the mobile friendly website, the biggest concern is the images. Most of the website are having more high definition images and compressing every image for a mobile device could be a tough job for the developers. But, in the responsive web design, every image can be compressed to the minimum without affecting the image quality. The compressed image can be easily viewed in the mobile devices as easily as in the desktop. Therefore a responsive web design is much more superior to the mobile friendly website.

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